Thursday, April 12, 2012

Side Studies I haven't kept up with!

Early Digital Painting Stuff 
Meh. Little Studies from photos (that I don't own)

Mind you, these are the first digital paintings I've ever done 
(this was before school stuff, just really out of order... Whoops!)



Semester Two!

Semester Dos:
Traditional Animation (minus the animation, don't have the files quite yet)

Wombat Silhouettes 

 History of Animation Warner Bros. Study

Pooter The Wombat, Character sheet for my animal jump!

More Second Semester!

Second Semester Once More-
Drawing II for CA

 Monster In the Bedroom 
 Bully Takeover 
 The Strangest Place You've Visited (values scanned weird)
Monochromatic Studies 

S'more Second Semester Work

Second Semester Again!
Figure Drawing for CA

 Narrative Illustration from observed pose

 And Again!

 And once more...

 Observed vs. Invented 

 Observed vs. Invented 


 Some more sequences...

 And more!

  Beginning of semester gestures

 Schematic Muscle Study

 Invented from observed 

 Animal Gestures! Real life studies 

 Schematic broken down animal shapes 

Poorly edited flamingo skeleton!

Second Semester!

Second Semester!
3D Design

 Ecorche Model Muscle Study

 Live Model Sculpture 

 Skeleton Wire Gesture 

Sequencial Action Wire Gestures

1st Semester Dump #3

Some More First Semester Things...
Drawing I

 Observational  Reflections

 Observational Indoor Light 

 Observational Outdoor Light

 3pt. Inventive City

 People in perspective 

 People in perspective, again

 People in perspective again!

 Barbara and Kenneth 

Observational Toy Car 

1st Semester Dump #2

Still First Semester:
Figure Drawing 
(some stuff anywho)

 Sketchbook Feet

 Sketchbook Hands

 Sketchbook Quick Portraits

 Last day of class gestures

 Last day of class long pose

Figure Study 

 Muscle Study 

 Bones Study 

 Figure Study (wrong way)

 Muscle Study 

Bones Study 

1st Semester Dump #1

Huge Dumping of Semester One.
2D Design:


 Analogous Observational




 Abstract Season- Summer


 Real vs. Abstract

Abstract stuff