Thursday, December 5, 2013

Final Projects and Life Lessons!

So lately I've been realizing how important painting is to me, which sort of scares me. I've also slept only like 2.5 hours in the past 33 hours so many things currently scare me. Besides that, it's sort of overwhelming to admit that you're passionate about something that you don't get much practice in, that you don't feel completely confident in, or that you think everyone else wants to be doing in the future. Being in school is weird because you have access to so many things and you sometimes put too much pressure on 'specialties.' Maybe I'm the only one, but finals have gotten me thinking and I've decided that it's okay to like whatever you like and to knowingly accept that art is sometimes about figuring that out. It's about the journey, not the final product. 

Anyways! Lengthy intro but here's a piece for school that got me thinking about what I'm supposed to be. Who knows what that is! But I learned a lot from this piece and though I may not be happy with the conclusion of it, I enjoyed making it.

Thanks for takin' a look :)
Happy Holidays everybody!