Monday, June 11, 2012

S'more Portraiture Studyin'

Here's what I've done so far for today. This is "Hanna Marin" from Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I know I love terrible telly. But I am kinda diggin' what is going on here, really tried stretching the colors but its not quite stretched to the end. It'll do for now!

I really love doing portraits and studies and still-lifey things, but onward! Next time I post something I will make sure that it is the beginning of a 'unique' idea. No more of this 'from picture business' ha!

This one is about an hour and forty five minutes? Give or take.

Trying To Be More Productive!

I've been looking at some of these here blogs, I gotta be doing some work everyday! Yay for being more productive. Alright, so here is the first timed study that I've done in quite some time, I usually get way too wrapped up in the deets and just take up way too much time. Quick quality is going to be my new mantra for studies. Alrighty then.

Here is my lovely father! About one hour-- did cheat and polish up the blending a bit. 
Did this like two-ish days ago? No concept of time in the summer haha!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Dorky Fan Art

      No one judge me! Okay, I judge myself... I love terribly dramatic television. And! The premiere is tonight, so I got a little into it with this one. It's completely from reference, a still from a really old episode. Alrighty, here she is Aria Montgomery!

Did this all from far away-- meaning that I didn't zoom in at all to go nuts on details. Had the reference next to it the whole time, tried to pop colors a little more than in the picture... I don't own this picture obviously! I'd say I made this in about 4 hours? One layer in photoshop and still a lot wrong, but I'm letting it go!

Little Sketchy-Poo

Well, since summer has begun, I've just been doing odd sketches and things here and there!

      This is one that is a very beginning sketch that I did trying to look into an underwater scene that I've been really (internally) excited about since school was in session... Well! A little study, lots wrong in it but I don't doubt that I'll go back into this one and clean it up and investigate some more. Woop woop!

Inspiration from my lovely home! Good ol' Clark Lake!