Thursday, May 10, 2012

Portrait Practice- First work out of Skoo!

For some reason I gravitate towards portraits of people? 
The most recent work I've done. First out of school!

My cousin Bradley Hunter, love this guy! 

He has helped my artwork in more ways than one and I've been trying to give him some kind of gift because of it. Anywho, he's an unfinished portrait of this guy I don't know if I'll ever be done! Definitely wanna get this one right. Gotta stop riding that struggle bus!

Trojan Horse final Project

My last project of my freshman year!

The daunting Trojan Horse. This project was so long and trying! But that itself probably made this project my best of the semester. I can say actually say that I'm proud of this piece (eh, well parts of it)! It really challenged me content wise which was good (I need a good butt-kick in that department) and I think this is the most solid painting I've completed! Still lots of improvement to be made, it's getting more and more exciting! So many exclamation points in these posts! 

Felipe the Flamingo and His Sister the Cave Dweller

      This gumpy bird is my animal character Felipe The Flamingo (cliche but it had to be done!). It was a fun study to do and I'm half pleased with the outcome! I can never get that critic out of my head long enough to say something is finished or pushed to a level I'm happy with! I'm focusing more on expressive a clear narrative and personality with character, this is a step up for me in that way I think. Gotta keep pluggin' away, now I have time for some summer work that I can obsess over! Pretty pumped.
 Here's Felipe's flopsie movement sequence

Oh and here's the awkwardly vignetted fixer-upper of my last figure drawing dump. Only a little bit has really changed but I think it's done wonders. A short glimpse at my pudgey cave woman.

Invented Character 3-D Final Project

       Well here is something that I think turned out to be a nice project, my invented character for my 3-D studio class. This project was a long one, took a toll on me at times but I learned a lot! First real character investigation that I've really had to do and looking back on it I would have approached it TOTALLY differently! That's alright though, it's healthy. Anyways, I made all of the structures in this from scratch (besides growing my own wood, sculpy, paint, wire, etc.)  So here she is, the crazy lass herself! *hopefully you can pick up on the--in my opinion too subtle-- narrative.

"Lost Birds"
The final narrative shot of the character in her environment

 Some details of my sculpy child and her crow

 The environmental details of her bedroom

And her final turnaround!