Thursday, May 10, 2012

Invented Character 3-D Final Project

       Well here is something that I think turned out to be a nice project, my invented character for my 3-D studio class. This project was a long one, took a toll on me at times but I learned a lot! First real character investigation that I've really had to do and looking back on it I would have approached it TOTALLY differently! That's alright though, it's healthy. Anyways, I made all of the structures in this from scratch (besides growing my own wood, sculpy, paint, wire, etc.)  So here she is, the crazy lass herself! *hopefully you can pick up on the--in my opinion too subtle-- narrative.

"Lost Birds"
The final narrative shot of the character in her environment

 Some details of my sculpy child and her crow

 The environmental details of her bedroom

And her final turnaround!

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