Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hey ya'll oil is fun and hard!

But here's some stuffs! I'll go by order right now, from the beginning of class. I've been taking a Color and Lighting workshop/class and I'm falling in love. I also am a bit concerned with the proportions in these, but I've got ten classes to get better! Update on California: I LOVE IT. (warning: iPhone pics and weird blogger layouting)

First painting in oils for three years! 
In class model, 3 hrs 

Next I had hw to copy from Sergeant, who is so intimidatingly good. 
6hrs maybe? Probably more...

In class model again, super cool textures! 
3 hrs

 This is a from life study of my roomie Carla (Her Site!)
Probably 2-3 hrs. 

I painting from life of my roommate Jarrad,
2 hrs.

I did this one today, so here's a closer shot.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hey guys! I'm in California for the summer and I'm attending Concept Design Academy.... so basically I love everything that has ever existed!!!

I'm taking ZBrush Class, Color & Lighting (figurative oil painting), and Character Design.

I've only had a couple of classes but here's some of my work that I've done:

Character Design Pirates

ZBrush sculpts and photoshop