Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy ChrismaHanzaKwanzika!

    Or whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year! I'm celebrating the snow we just got and my amazing family!     ....Speaking of, here's a Christmas card that I made. It probably needs some explaining.
     It's a mash up of an old picture we have of my parents, and my brothers. The picture was before I was alive so I guess I thought it would be funny if I literally photoshopped myself in it? And added random Christmas props? And other holly-jolly things?

The animals were a cat and dog in the original image, I cut out the cat and added the my dog from my lifetime, both dogs were named Buffy. Both passed away, so we have some little angels too ha ha!

It all resulted in this card that is probably hard to look at,
 hope it puts you in the holiday mood! (or happy or whatever :) )

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick Update!

Hello everybody,

This semester was really great! Learning new things everyday and fighting through the issues to keep on making my work. It took me a while but HERE is my Simple Polygons assignment, kind of the final for my Computer Animation class. I made this here giraffey from its design, model, textures, rig, and I animated him. Super fun!


Rudy The Giraffe from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

Also since, I made it and it was hard, here's my first ever lip sync traditionally... I really hope to go back in this with photoshop and clean up portions and make it stronger (so I don't feel so iffy about showing it anymore).... She's a mean, lean, dancin' machine.

anorman lipsyncFinal from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

On to better things now?... Purhaps!? YES.

More scans coming soon. Plus Xmas cards, animation tests, and models! Big plans for break!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elephant Ear Puns

Really excited to get back into the swing of things again, the work load has been demanding but is really looking like fun lately. Good timing too, right when the last projects for the semester are getting cranked out. Then a nice break to pump out some new stuff!

Here's a graphic piece that I've experimented with, really fun! I'll be trying to push this more in future pieces.

 The concept layout for my interior kitchen for one of my classes. This is an elephant ears stand. I'll be posting more with this project too. Fun stuff!

Eh, might as well post the character sheets for this project too! 
Here's Rags the stuffed elephant. About to partake 
in the most exciting adventure of his elephant-life! 

This is Ollie the non-threatening 'carnie.' He had to be sympathetic to the elephant, so I couldn't make him as crusty and crazy as carnies are (no offense, I love carnivals).

Here's Pepper she was a fun design
 but ended up not being necessary for the story
... and I had to dwindle down to two characters.

 Here's the old Rags, cuter is better in this case. I hope. 
Thinking that I may end up chopping off more of his ear in the 
boards and other process work that I do... The drama!

History is for sketching!

Well, my art history class is a three hour block of great stuff that I should be learning... The only thing is that I should get more sleep before I head to that class. Anywho, here are the 'cafe' (if you will) sketches that keep me up.

Gotta be striving for some more stylized characters, but still want to keep growing in my observational. I will just draw more and more and more!

 Gotta love transparent paper!

 My DIPSY one hour piece for the Harrison Ford theme. Portraits man. All I sketch?

That weird shapey geo, is a hint of my giraffe that I'm modeling for CA, stay tuned I'll post a render of what that guy is looking like very soon!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Animatics Galore!

Well then! Here are those animatics I was talking about forever ago!

The prompt for this guy was about Maimou and Adellus the monkey and the dolphin. It's a tale from Greece and we had to basically just compose it into visual storytelling. My first attempt at storyboarding and animatics!

Monkeys and Dolphins! Oh my! from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

This one was given the prompt, annoying frog with a musical instrument...SPOILER ALERT... dodging a tomato! Here's my take on it.

Frog Animatic from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

So these were my first two boards/animatics, I'll post the ones that I've been working on more recently a little later. They still have some tweaks ;)

(cough, cough, not like these don't!)

Animation Yo!

Hello everyone! I have neglected my blog once more!

Lots of work but not on many projects... They've all seem to be lengthy assignments so far for school, and mainly video projects. I've been holding off on uploading them to vimeo (first off, I had to make a vimeo) because once a project is completed and you've gotten feedback, there's almost always a chance to make revisions...

Meaning: it's never done!


I've got to get out the that habit of not showing my work because, in theory, it's never going to be done. So without any further adieu, here are a couple projects from my concept and traditional animation class.....

(Also, forgive me, I'll have to put my walks on a cycle later on...Hopefully this loops?)


Quadruped Exaggerated Walk Dog from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

"Realistic" (but still kind of exaggerated):

Quadruped Walk Dog from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A lil' bit of digi-painting!

My school work has been my main focus so very little personal stuff is made!

I've been making my storyboards for the same dolphin and monkey story, working on a pantomime/primitive theatre (same idea) project for my animation classes and doing some random elective homework (I will eventually get some of that animation up on here as soon as I get to it, along with the boards...might as well show that I'm doing something)! That's been my life so far, back in the swing of things and you know what? I really like it. It's kickin' my butt though, but in a very good way. 

Anyways, enough of my life story... This is something I did tonight, at 2:00 am waiting for a computer in the notorious 24 hr. labs at school. Whats the use of giving computers that are open at all times, when they aren't open when you need 'em? Anywho, it's the product of my wait and is a little janky but it was fun. Experimenting, yaaaaaaaaay!

Must have saved a weird file of it, it had some cool shadows going behind her head and chair from the light... Maybe I'll post another one later, ha but then I'll feel obligated to fix it...

As always, I'll try to get some more stuff up here later with cool things. Enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monkeys and Dolphins, Oh My!

Gonna figure out whether or not I should get a vimeo account, to post videos from on here, I have some animation that is looking much better than last years.

 But! Pics or it didn't happen! So I have to get to that... Also, I've been doing a lot of drawings of monkeys and dolphins still for my concept class.  So I'll give a taste of that then!

Boarding is hard.

So this is just a really rough sequence of the dolphin rescuing the monkey 
(it's underwater, in later boards I hope to put some indication of that and tone, 
I started out putting tone on all of them, and then what do ya know, it's 3am.)

 (camera change)

Here's just an exchange between the monkey and dolphin, 
once the dolphin realizes that he's not human.
Don't you just hate that.

But yeah, here's something I'm working on to improve, my visual storytelling.

I'll give updates later on how these turn out, 
and hopefully put some animation up on here, along with other projects!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

An After Dark Doodle

Well. It just kinda happened. I didn't have an overwhelming load so I just went with it.

and you know what, it was fun!

It's not really 'finished' value wise, (and other parts, like that stomach...) but it was a fun study and something that took me out of the all day grind. Putting down shapes and going with thing's I've learned about light and color. Nothing crazy, it just went intuitively.

Update On Concept!

Well, I gave a little preview of the character sheet I was workin on, Adellus the dolphin and Maimou the monkey. This is for my school project and its just got a few tweaks from my last post. I'll include the storytelling image that went with it from the thumbs and process too!

 Final character sheetski, cleaning things up. Thumbs for the images below on the side.
Ended up kind of morphing those thumbnails into what you see below...

Here's the final I ended up turning in after critique...
Focusing on the characters and then making the background secondary (kinda)

 The second revision I made, it lost a lot from the first
I ended up going back a few steps.
It happens. Never settle!

And here's the first image I turned in, way too much happening!
I went 'overboard' (hehehe)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AWWWWWH Sketchy Sketch.

Well, here we go! I edited the scanning images that I took the other day, we had a light day so I should post. Alright, well they basically were all quick gestures besides a few of the more developed portraits which you can probably pick out...

But here's my summer sketchbook and more updates on the way! Enjoy :)







Also, all I have to say is the scanner blew some of these colors
 and I use thin paper so some are a little crappy. I love colerase! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

So little Blog Love!

This blog has been so neglected it is crazy. Alright, well working on our third week of school! Absolutely loving classes, fan-girling about CA has made me so much happier this semester. 

If anyone kept track of my "promise" I made to post summer sketch stuff, I am real sorry for lying to you! But I have (almost) everything scanned, and I got this weekend to make the images nice. 

Love Friday's for the pretend down-time they give me. Until Then! Here's an awkwardly made PDF I did for my concept class, I need to redo parts so update on that soon --if I had a dollar for how many times I've said that....

Here it is!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sketches For Friends

       May as well show these while I'm thinking about it, here's just some digital sketches of things I've done for friends this summer and in the school year.

The first was for my old boss, she wanted a little sketch of her dress that she bought for her wedding day. The second was kind of a WIP, but I never did end up finishing it... A logo idea for my friend's business he's a part of. Never have actually done graphic design sort of things, it was much harder than I thought it would be, despite how plain it ended up being. Fun stuff out of the norm for me I guess.

There's a Snake in My Barn!

Well jeez! It has been a while since I've updated this puppy! I've been working primarily in my sketchbook lately, so hopefully I'll get on scanning that stuff pretty soon here! 

Here's a little something that I have been working on!
 [looks like the colors didn't transfer, means I gotta push them more :) ]

      I'm real excited about the progression of this guy, I took a lot of time to plan and adjust and think through things I usually just put on the back burner... Like the fundamentals for an illustrative piece, hah! Whoops! I'm learning though and I'm less harsh on myself. Which is turning out to be a really good thing.

Mom's been yelling at me to allow myself to learn (what a concept!?), anxiety and negative thoughts are paralyzing!

But I've tried lots of different techniques that I've admired from friends and other artists! Took a long time to get to this point, but I'll post some other editions of it once I hear some feedback :) I don't think I'm quite done with this one, I hope not at least!

     I have tons and tons of sketches and different save points, on this feller! I'm really close to scanning my summer sketchbook though so big update soon! (hopefully)

Monday, June 11, 2012

S'more Portraiture Studyin'

Here's what I've done so far for today. This is "Hanna Marin" from Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I know I love terrible telly. But I am kinda diggin' what is going on here, really tried stretching the colors but its not quite stretched to the end. It'll do for now!

I really love doing portraits and studies and still-lifey things, but onward! Next time I post something I will make sure that it is the beginning of a 'unique' idea. No more of this 'from picture business' ha!

This one is about an hour and forty five minutes? Give or take.