Saturday, September 8, 2012

Update On Concept!

Well, I gave a little preview of the character sheet I was workin on, Adellus the dolphin and Maimou the monkey. This is for my school project and its just got a few tweaks from my last post. I'll include the storytelling image that went with it from the thumbs and process too!

 Final character sheetski, cleaning things up. Thumbs for the images below on the side.
Ended up kind of morphing those thumbnails into what you see below...

Here's the final I ended up turning in after critique...
Focusing on the characters and then making the background secondary (kinda)

 The second revision I made, it lost a lot from the first
I ended up going back a few steps.
It happens. Never settle!

And here's the first image I turned in, way too much happening!
I went 'overboard' (hehehe)

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