Monday, September 17, 2012

Monkeys and Dolphins, Oh My!

Gonna figure out whether or not I should get a vimeo account, to post videos from on here, I have some animation that is looking much better than last years.

 But! Pics or it didn't happen! So I have to get to that... Also, I've been doing a lot of drawings of monkeys and dolphins still for my concept class.  So I'll give a taste of that then!

Boarding is hard.

So this is just a really rough sequence of the dolphin rescuing the monkey 
(it's underwater, in later boards I hope to put some indication of that and tone, 
I started out putting tone on all of them, and then what do ya know, it's 3am.)

 (camera change)

Here's just an exchange between the monkey and dolphin, 
once the dolphin realizes that he's not human.
Don't you just hate that.

But yeah, here's something I'm working on to improve, my visual storytelling.

I'll give updates later on how these turn out, 
and hopefully put some animation up on here, along with other projects!


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