Monday, September 17, 2012

Monkeys and Dolphins, Oh My!

Gonna figure out whether or not I should get a vimeo account, to post videos from on here, I have some animation that is looking much better than last years.

 But! Pics or it didn't happen! So I have to get to that... Also, I've been doing a lot of drawings of monkeys and dolphins still for my concept class.  So I'll give a taste of that then!

Boarding is hard.

So this is just a really rough sequence of the dolphin rescuing the monkey 
(it's underwater, in later boards I hope to put some indication of that and tone, 
I started out putting tone on all of them, and then what do ya know, it's 3am.)

 (camera change)

Here's just an exchange between the monkey and dolphin, 
once the dolphin realizes that he's not human.
Don't you just hate that.

But yeah, here's something I'm working on to improve, my visual storytelling.

I'll give updates later on how these turn out, 
and hopefully put some animation up on here, along with other projects!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

An After Dark Doodle

Well. It just kinda happened. I didn't have an overwhelming load so I just went with it.

and you know what, it was fun!

It's not really 'finished' value wise, (and other parts, like that stomach...) but it was a fun study and something that took me out of the all day grind. Putting down shapes and going with thing's I've learned about light and color. Nothing crazy, it just went intuitively.

Update On Concept!

Well, I gave a little preview of the character sheet I was workin on, Adellus the dolphin and Maimou the monkey. This is for my school project and its just got a few tweaks from my last post. I'll include the storytelling image that went with it from the thumbs and process too!

 Final character sheetski, cleaning things up. Thumbs for the images below on the side.
Ended up kind of morphing those thumbnails into what you see below...

Here's the final I ended up turning in after critique...
Focusing on the characters and then making the background secondary (kinda)

 The second revision I made, it lost a lot from the first
I ended up going back a few steps.
It happens. Never settle!

And here's the first image I turned in, way too much happening!
I went 'overboard' (hehehe)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AWWWWWH Sketchy Sketch.

Well, here we go! I edited the scanning images that I took the other day, we had a light day so I should post. Alright, well they basically were all quick gestures besides a few of the more developed portraits which you can probably pick out...

But here's my summer sketchbook and more updates on the way! Enjoy :)







Also, all I have to say is the scanner blew some of these colors
 and I use thin paper so some are a little crappy. I love colerase!