Saturday, October 19, 2013

Updates! School year! Yahh!

School is awesome, I love everything!

Here's two projects that I've finished up, this first chunk is all from a design lab that explored different methods of creating characters and then we rendered them! 

The chosen designs I finished up:

Process work:

Here's the start of my caricature project that we just finished up, I posted this one up on facebook if you're friends with me :) But it was about pushing traits that are most prevalent in people/characters and I had a lot of fun. 

(and it gave me a chance to paint my favorite, SeƱor Andy Samberg <3 )

Here's me! (sorta) ((expect a painting of this later)) 

Process work:

Anywho, I'll post some more things later. I have animation projects and more things coming up. EXPECT A PORTFOLIO SITE SOON!!!1!