Monday, October 1, 2012

A lil' bit of digi-painting!

My school work has been my main focus so very little personal stuff is made!

I've been making my storyboards for the same dolphin and monkey story, working on a pantomime/primitive theatre (same idea) project for my animation classes and doing some random elective homework (I will eventually get some of that animation up on here as soon as I get to it, along with the boards...might as well show that I'm doing something)! That's been my life so far, back in the swing of things and you know what? I really like it. It's kickin' my butt though, but in a very good way. 

Anyways, enough of my life story... This is something I did tonight, at 2:00 am waiting for a computer in the notorious 24 hr. labs at school. Whats the use of giving computers that are open at all times, when they aren't open when you need 'em? Anywho, it's the product of my wait and is a little janky but it was fun. Experimenting, yaaaaaaaaay!

Must have saved a weird file of it, it had some cool shadows going behind her head and chair from the light... Maybe I'll post another one later, ha but then I'll feel obligated to fix it...

As always, I'll try to get some more stuff up here later with cool things. Enjoy!

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