Monday, October 29, 2012

Animation Yo!

Hello everyone! I have neglected my blog once more!

Lots of work but not on many projects... They've all seem to be lengthy assignments so far for school, and mainly video projects. I've been holding off on uploading them to vimeo (first off, I had to make a vimeo) because once a project is completed and you've gotten feedback, there's almost always a chance to make revisions...

Meaning: it's never done!


I've got to get out the that habit of not showing my work because, in theory, it's never going to be done. So without any further adieu, here are a couple projects from my concept and traditional animation class.....

(Also, forgive me, I'll have to put my walks on a cycle later on...Hopefully this loops?)


Quadruped Exaggerated Walk Dog from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

"Realistic" (but still kind of exaggerated):

Quadruped Walk Dog from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

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