Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy ChrismaHanzaKwanzika!

    Or whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year! I'm celebrating the snow we just got and my amazing family!     ....Speaking of, here's a Christmas card that I made. It probably needs some explaining.
     It's a mash up of an old picture we have of my parents, and my brothers. The picture was before I was alive so I guess I thought it would be funny if I literally photoshopped myself in it? And added random Christmas props? And other holly-jolly things?

The animals were a cat and dog in the original image, I cut out the cat and added the my dog from my lifetime, both dogs were named Buffy. Both passed away, so we have some little angels too ha ha!

It all resulted in this card that is probably hard to look at,
 hope it puts you in the holiday mood! (or happy or whatever :) )

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