Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elephant Ear Puns

Really excited to get back into the swing of things again, the work load has been demanding but is really looking like fun lately. Good timing too, right when the last projects for the semester are getting cranked out. Then a nice break to pump out some new stuff!

Here's a graphic piece that I've experimented with, really fun! I'll be trying to push this more in future pieces.

 The concept layout for my interior kitchen for one of my classes. This is an elephant ears stand. I'll be posting more with this project too. Fun stuff!

Eh, might as well post the character sheets for this project too! 
Here's Rags the stuffed elephant. About to partake 
in the most exciting adventure of his elephant-life! 

This is Ollie the non-threatening 'carnie.' He had to be sympathetic to the elephant, so I couldn't make him as crusty and crazy as carnies are (no offense, I love carnivals).

Here's Pepper she was a fun design
 but ended up not being necessary for the story
... and I had to dwindle down to two characters.

 Here's the old Rags, cuter is better in this case. I hope. 
Thinking that I may end up chopping off more of his ear in the 
boards and other process work that I do... The drama!

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