Sunday, May 26, 2013

Animation Updates! Projects!

I am such a liar, I never follow through on my promises to update!
 These are all the larger projects that we had during the second semester of this year
 (only a month late hah!)

Biggest project I've had yet! I made this little baby from scratch and sheesh, it feels like a little person.

Do you even lift?! (color adjusted) from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

Two just cause I'm sad my colors are weird. I cheated a little in vimeo enhancers to get it closer...

Here's premiere's version.

Do you even lift?! from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

Starting with an animation exercise, I was given the rig Artie.
Finger point, walk, walk in/out, turn/take.

An exercise where I did the layout, lighting and texturing.

Cemetery Lighting and Texturing! from Alli Norman on Vimeo.

Realizing how hard it is to maintain the integrity of colors from your renders, program to program. :(

Here's a basic still from a lighting/texturing project!
I really like texturing food.

But summer's going well. Overall, life is gud!


  1. Mmmm, dem grapes. I love your cemetery! Super cool stuff. C:

    1. Awh! Thanks so much Millie I appreciate it girl! :)