Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Speed Paints/Last 'Journals'/Dump!

Sure feels good to be on summer vacation! I closed up my final projects at school and I will be posting them during this week. Here are the last journals that I ended up doing for my Lit Media class. We had to do some entries for our coursework and I made mine into drawings/paintings. I'd like to revisit some of these to polish so I hope I get to that soon!

I recommend making small projects into bigger ones and having fun if at all possible! 
These were quick and dirty but felt fresh.

"Gate Keeper" Speed Paint approx. 1.5 hours?

"Melted Ice" Speed work probably 1.5-2 hours?

My strange 'scratching' I like to do over my photoshop sketches.

Stay Tuned!
Here's some (really rough) process work I used for the projects I will post soon!

Lighting/Texturing Project

 Lighting/Texturing Project

 Animation Project

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